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Security Systems*home Security Systems*best Security System System The smart car that will revolutionise travel

The smart car that will revolutionise travel

Digi Security’s smart car will allow drivers to “take control” of their journey.

It is a new system of security and self-driving cars which will enable them to operate as “driverless taxis” and allow them to deliver their cargo at a far faster rate.

“We have taken a holistic approach to designing our systems and integrating our services in a way that we can control our vehicles,” Digi CEO and founder Rajendra K. Patil said.

“This allows us to do everything from reducing traffic to reducing fuel consumption.”

The company has invested Rs. 1,000 crore ($1.2 billion) to develop the vehicle and Patil has also acquired an additional 30 percent stake in the company.

The company aims to sell a total of 6,000 vehicles by the end of the financial year, the company said.

The new vehicle, which will be built by Daimler AG and manufactured by D.I.T.K., is the latest in a line of vehicles which are designed to be self-operating, self-parking, and autonomous.

“The purpose of our vehicle is to enable a vehicle to take control of itself,” Patil added.

Pati said the company will offer driverless taxis on the roads in India in the next three to five years.

“When a driver is not involved, the vehicle’s speed is not affected,” he said.


said the new system will be available in cities like New Delhi and Mumbai in 2021.

“As the cost of fuel in the cities goes up, we will be able to offer more cost-effective and efficient solutions to our customers,” he added.

The cars will be powered by a combination of electric motors, batteries and an autonomous system.

Pat, who joined Digi in 2002, is the son of the late Srinivas Patil, a technology entrepreneur and founder of the world’s largest internet company.

Digi has more than 10,000 employees and plans to double the size of its workforce to more than 40,000 people by the year 2020.

The CEO said he believes in the importance of technology.

“Technology will always have an impact in the future,” he told the Financial Times.

“It’s not just for the future of the technology itself, but also for our own survival.”

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