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Security Systems*home Security Systems*best Security System Blog Security systems have been banned in the UAE due to threats

Security systems have been banned in the UAE due to threats

UAE security forces have banned all mobile phone and internet services in the country following fears that they could be used to spread false information about security.

The authorities have also imposed new restrictions on online activity in the kingdom and restricted access to social media services.

The government said on Saturday that the UAE will not allow social media networks, chat rooms, chat services and email services to operate within its territory, and that the government has banned internet use in public places.

“All services are banned except those that can be used by the government, police and military.

These include social media, chatrooms, email, internet and social media applications,” a statement by the ministry of interior read.

It added that UAE citizens will not be allowed to access the internet or social media without permission from the government or by a government-issued warrant.

Social media sites, chat sites, email and email applications have been suspended in the Gulf kingdom, and the UAE government has issued new restrictions in recent days.

Authorities also imposed a new ban on all media coverage of events in the city of Sharjah, where security forces shot dead two people after they attempted to attack a security officer in a car.

They have also banned online news portals and other media outlets from publishing any news stories about the Sharjah attack, which took place in March.

The UAE is one of the most repressive countries in the world, with a record of extrajudicial killings of political opponents and activists.

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