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AUSTRALIA’s wifi security systems are becoming more vulnerable to attacks, a report warns

AUSTRIA is facing a major security risk with its wireless network being breached.

Key points:WiFi security systems in Australia have been targeted by malware, which could be used to attack the devicesA study has found that the Australian Government is not keeping up with the threatsA new report by security consultancy Imperva warns the vulnerabilities may be too widespread to be fixedThe Australian Government has been criticised for not upgrading its wireless networks and is not taking the threat seriously.

It has been accused of “lacking the security mindset and the capability to protect its citizens”.

In a report released on Wednesday, Imperva found the security infrastructure in Australia was “not adequately protecting the network against cybercriminals, cyber-criminals and their supporters, and to be unable to identify and mitigate the risk of attack”.

The company found that “a significant percentage” of the Australian wireless network is compromised.

“The most common threat was from malware that could be exploited to compromise the mobile phone or the internet-connected device”, the report said.

“While the number of vulnerabilities was low, the threat profile was high and they included threats to the network from both malicious actors and third-party vendors.”

The security team at Imperva also identified that the vulnerabilities were not being fixed as quickly as the Government was hoping.

“Some aspects of the security model and management of wireless networks are still poorly understood, particularly the vulnerability management model, which has been severely lacking in recent years,” the report stated.

It said the Government should take steps to improve its security posture.

“To this end, it should adopt an active approach to improving security in the wireless infrastructure and develop the infrastructure for security upgrades,” the firm said.

The report found that, while Australia’s wireless networks were secure, the majority of people accessing the network could not be expected to be completely secure.

“Many people, including many Australians, do not understand how to protect their data, or how to use encryption,” the research found.

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) warned that the security of the network was being compromised and that a significant number of people were not adequately protected.”ASIO has observed significant increases in malicious activity, including ransomware, in Australia and has been advised by the Australian Federal Police that there is a significant threat to Australian wireless networks,” it said in a statement.

It urged the Government to update its security policies and protocols, and provide security training for staff.

“It is imperative that Australia has a secure and secure wireless network and that the current vulnerability model is upgraded to reflect this,” the ASIO added.

Australia’s wireless network was previously breached by cybercrims, which are also known as ransomware.

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