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Drone security systems have been targeted by hackers and a cyberattack

Drone security technology is the newest frontier in the digital world, and security researchers are warning of a cyber-attack.

The latest cyber-threats come from an industrial control system (ICS) known as the DroneControl System, which is used to remotely control drones, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

The drone control system is part of a wider cyber threat known as cyber-espionage, which involves hackers accessing systems used to secure the Internet and other critical infrastructure.

Researchers at the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center at Johns Hopkins University said hackers used the ICS to hack the security of the system used by the military, which could potentially compromise the military’s control of drones.

The ICS system, which includes a drone control computer, is the backbone of the military drone fleet.

In 2016, the Air Force and the Army said they were investigating a cyber attack on the system that caused $1.4 million in damages.

The Navy has also found a cyber breach involving a drone, but said it wasn’t related to the drone control systems.

“The ICA system is a critical component of the nation’s maritime security and is a key component of our defense industrial base,” Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said in a statement.

“While we are not aware of any breaches or activity involving ICA systems, our work remains focused on securing our network and other infrastructure, and protecting the national security of our nation.”

The Air Force said it was working to identify the source of the cyber attack.

“We are investigating an incident that affected one of our fleet platforms, a Navy unmanned aerial vehicle,” said Air Force spokesman Colonel Michael Litt.

“We have been cooperating with the National Technical Advisory Board and have been closely monitoring the investigation.

The Air Force is taking the necessary actions to mitigate the impact on our fleet.”

The IAI is an advanced system that enables unmanned aircraft to be remotely controlled.

It is used by more than a dozen nations to conduct surveillance, reconnaissance and surveillance missions.

The Pentagon says the military is using the drone technology to provide greater situational awareness to its troops.

But cybersecurity experts say it is the most advanced cyber-weaponry the military has.

“This isn’t just an ICA hack, it’s a whole range of cyberattacks,” said Scott Adams, director of research at the security firm FireEye.

Adams said the ICA is “a powerful weapon” that can target military assets and personnel.

It can be used to steal confidential data or destroy a system, he said.

The military doesn’t make that clear.

The military has been scrambling to find ways to protect against cyber-attacks, including encrypting and limiting the use of its drone data.

The Pentagon has also been using a network security system to prevent hackers from stealing data from it.

Adams also said the military should not be allowed to use drones as surveillance drones.

“It’s not appropriate for the military to operate drones that are in fact being used to spy on the United States,” Adams said.

The Air and Navy also say they are working on a plan to protect the IAI.

“The IAF and the Navy will work together to identify and respond to any incidents, incidents that affect the IaiS,” Navy Capt. Paul Stover, a spokesman for the Navy, said in an email.

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