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How to keep your security systems secure in the workplace

With so many of Canada’s most sensitive industries, it’s a tough job to keep a secure workplace.article Posted June 15, 2018 12:01:29The Globe and Mail’s security experts will discuss what it takes to keep an organization safe from intruders, hackers and other threats at a cybersecurity event in Toronto this month.

The Globe’s security analysts will discuss the latest threats, threats to Canada and how to manage them in an event hosted by the Canadian Institute for International and Security Affairs.

The event will be held at the Ontario legislature building in Toronto on June 16.

It will be open to the public.

A presentation by Ontario’s cyber security chief, Dr. Robert MacLean, will also be included in the event.

The conference is being hosted by a consortium of public, private and university organizations that include the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Canada’s National Research Council, the Canadian International Centre for Nuclear Safety and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Organizers say the event will bring together academics, researchers, practitioners and industry leaders to discuss the challenges faced by companies in protecting their systems from attacks.

Organizations and individuals in the security sector will discuss how to keep their organizations and workers safe in the digital age.

There will also likely be a panel discussion on how to implement and improve security in organizations and workplaces.

The Canadian Security Research Council (CSRC) will host the event as well.CSRC CEO and former U.S. National Security Agency analyst Thomas Drake is scheduled to deliver a keynote address.

He will be joined by the CSRC’s Chief Information Officer, and a panel of experts including retired Lt.-Gen. James McChrystal, former FBI Director James Comey and former CSIS and NSA officials.

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