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A new ‘super spy’ is on the prowl in the US: ABC News


— A new type of “super spy” is on a loose-lipped hunt for information on Americans, according to security experts who warn the cyberthreat could cause a national security crisis.

In the latest episode of “The Black List,” ABC News examined how the spyware program known as “Spencer,” dubbed “Sandy,” works and what’s known about it.

The spyware is installed in the computers of thousands of Americans, including lawmakers and government officials, as well as businesses, law enforcement agencies and schools, the ABC News Investigative Unit reported Tuesday.

Its creators say it is meant to be used only by the NSA.

Spenker is a program that targets individuals.

Its purpose is to identify people who have been targeted in the past by the agency and send them a text message to ask them to provide the agency with their personal information.

It is also intended to collect data on the computer use of Americans in a wide range of categories, from Internet searches to phone calls and social media posts.

“This is a highly invasive and invasive program,” said Michael V. Horowitz, an expert on the NSA and a professor at the University of California-Berkeley.

Hans von Spakovsky, director of the Center for the Study of Cyber and Homeland Security at the National Defense University, said the spy program is designed to gather information on all aspects of life that would otherwise be hidden from the public.

He also warned that the NSA can use it to track down and monitor people whose lives it knows about.

“Spencher is the most invasive piece of the spy ring that the United States government has to offer,” von Spokovsky said.

A ‘super’ spy program, the ‘Spenkers’ are used to collect sensitive data on Americans without the consent of their families.

One of the most recent victims is former Rep. Ron Paul, who was in Tennessee for a fundraiser on Wednesday when he was allegedly spied on by the spy tool.

Paul was among several Republican lawmakers to warn of the threat.

On Tuesday, a new ad from the anti-Spenking group “Americans United for Change” highlighted Paul’s concerns and urged him to resign his seat in Congress, which he has held since 2003.

Also Tuesday, the group released a video warning that the spy programs could affect Americans in other ways, such as when they travel abroad or visit their parents.

At the time of publication, there were no reports of the program affecting American citizens.

But there is evidence that some American spy agencies are using the spy tools in ways that violate the privacy of Americans.

In April, an intelligence official was suspended for allegedly spying on a colleague who had complained that he was being spied upon.

In December, the FBI said that a spy program known by the codename “Korolev” used the spy-ware to target two prominent anti-war activists.

The two were arrested in Russia for spying on the government, the agency said.

They were charged with “conspiracy to commit computer fraud and computer intrusion.”

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