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Sabre security systems are likely to be phased out after 12 years

Security experts have warned that a security fence that will be installed at a US embassy in South Africa will soon be phased-out.

The fence, which was introduced by the US Embassy in Johannesburg last year, will come into operation in 2021.

The security fence, designed to stop an influx of illegal migrants and terrorists entering the US from South Africa, will cost US taxpayers more than $3.5 million, according to security experts at the US Government Accountability Office (GAO).

The fence will also be capable of being tampered with and will have to be re-configured every two years, they said.

A security fence is a complex and expensive system that can take up to 12 years to develop and install.

“This fence is highly vulnerable to sabotage and attacks by terrorists and criminal elements,” the report said.

“Although the fence is expected to be able to detect and stop infiltration of terrorists and illegal migrants, it is not yet possible to verify whether the fence’s perimeter security measures are sufficient to deter potential intruders and prevent the use of the fence by criminals and criminals.”

The GAO said that there is a risk that the fence could be used by terrorists who could cause a large loss of life.

It said the fence was a “significant cost-effective security measure”, but the US government should not have taken on the project and should have put the cost of the system into the national security budget.

“The GAOS recommended that the USG implement a national security fence in South America, and not a military one, to protect the American homeland from the growing threats posed by terrorist groups and criminal groups,” the GAO report said, adding that “this recommendation is not based on a lack of intelligence or on any particular intelligence that may be available”.

The report also said that the United States should “implement a security border fence to deter the infiltration of foreign nationals and foreign fighters into the United State”.US President Donald Trump and his administration are working on a new security strategy, which is expected this week, but the security budget remains a major issue.

The South African government said the government would continue to work with the US to secure its borders, but that it would not be able “to provide a seamless border security operation in the short term”.

The US Embassy said it had not received the GAOs report.

“We are still assessing the report and will continue to monitor developments,” it said in a statement. 

“South Africa will work with US Government officials to improve security at US Embassy sites across the country, as well as ensure that the costs associated with this security fence are covered.”

Read more:South Africa has announced that the South African Defence Force will begin deploying the new US-designed fence in 2021, and that the cost will be about $3 million.

The US government said that while it would take years for the fence to fully develop, it would be a “game changer” that would help secure South Africa’s borders.

“Security and border protection is a shared responsibility of all our nations and is an important component of our national security strategy.

It is important that all governments and stakeholders understand and fully respect the importance of the security fence and its ability to secure our borders,” the statement said.

The new fence will have an integrated security component, including CCTV, which will allow it to be “detectable and traceable”.

“It is important to note that the security fences are not designed to prevent individuals from using our land borders, such as smuggling.

Instead, they are designed to deter foreign and criminal illegal entrants from entering our country,” the US embassy said.

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