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‘F*** off, I’m a refugee’: Filipe Luis and his wife in Italy

Football Italian is reporting that Filipí Luis has filed a lawsuit against Italy’s Attorney General on behalf of his wife Filiqui, who fled her homeland of Guinea with her family in 2014.

It’s the second lawsuit filed against Italy for its handling of the migrant crisis in recent months, and the first against the country since 2015.

It says the Attorney General has failed to conduct an investigation and to present any evidence that the Attorney Generals own documents on the situation in Italy were fabricated.

The case will be heard by a Rome judge in November, according to the Football Itale.

The report does not specify how many people are in the suit or what kind of damages the couple are seeking.

“This lawsuit is aimed at the Attorney general to take a legal action against me, my family and my home country of Guinea,” Filipo said in a statement to Football Italica.

“In order to make this lawsuit public I need the legal support of the Italian legal community.”

He also said he would take legal action “at the moment” against the Attorney Gen. for failing to act on the migrant situation in his country.

Filipez Luis, a lawyer for the family, has been living in Guinea for five years and now has a three-month old baby girl.

He said that he has not been able to find work because of his illness, which affects his mobility.

The lawsuit says Filippi’s wife and baby are not entitled to medical insurance because they have been in Guinea since January 2017, when the country declared a state of emergency and closed all borders.

Filippo Luis has been in Italy for five-and-a-half years and is seeking damages of €1 million ($1.1 million) per child for the loss of their medical insurance.

He also wants to be reimbursed for his family’s medical expenses, which he said he is currently paying.

The suit says that the couple is “living in squalor, without water, electricity, toilets and food”.

The suit states that Filippi Luis’s wife Filippa had no insurance, so he and his mother travelled with friends to buy food and water.

Faino Luis also claims she was unable to find a job because she was working in a food-processing plant in the north of the country.

The couple had to pay €3,200 ($4,200) in expenses.

“My husband is suffering from severe anxiety and depression and I am also suffering from mental illness, so I have to rely on myself to survive,” Fainpo Luis said.

“It is difficult for me to support myself.

It is very hard for me because I have been working for almost 10 years and I cannot afford my medical insurance.”

He said the family had been living without electricity for five months, which they attribute to the lack of electricity in Guinea.

“When we came to Italy we were able to get enough electricity to last a week, but now we cannot even get two hours of electricity,” he said.

Files says she and her husband have received several offers of help from the Italian government to provide medical care in Italy.

The family is hoping to receive an extension from the Attorney-General, which would allow them to continue living in Italy until they are deemed able to receive compensation for their medical costs.

They also want an extension of the legal proceedings against Italy, but said they do not want to leave Italy.

“We are still waiting for an explanation from the government,” Files said.

The Legal Aid for Migrants Association of Italy has been contacted for comment.

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