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Drone security system to be tested in Australia

Security experts are planning to test an Australian drone security system that they hope will stop criminals from flying a deadly drone over a Melbourne apartment complex.

The new system will allow law enforcement officers to fly drones above an apartment complex to detect and prevent criminal activity, including drugs dealing, when it comes to illegal drug use.

The plan, called DRIVE, is to be test in Australia by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in 2018.

The Royal Australian Police is also preparing to launch a similar test program.

It will be the first time an Australian military or police force has flown drones over the nation’s largest city, Melbourne.

Security expert Andrew Lefebvre said the test would allow authorities to identify and disrupt criminal activities.

“The thing about the drone is, it can’t actually fly over your house,” Mr Lefegvre said.

“It’s an aerial surveillance device, but it can actually be used in a way that will make an impact on the lives of criminals.”

He said the system would allow law-enforcement officers to monitor crime scenes and prevent criminals from using the drone to commit crime.

“If it’s not possible to fly the drone, it’s an entirely different situation,” he said.DRIVE will be based at the Perth Airport, a location used by international airliners to conduct regular and routine operations.

It would be a significant investment for the RAAF, with a $20 million ($20.6 million) upgrade already underway, including an upgrade to its communications system, including its air traffic control system, Mr Laffegvre noted.

It is also a significant step for the Australian Federal Police, which has faced criticism from civil liberties groups for its failure to deploy drones at major events.

The Federal Police is looking at whether the drone will work as well in other countries, with Mr Lofebvre saying the test was “the right thing to do”.

“It’ll be the right thing for the public, for the police, for security, for a number of reasons,” he told ABC News Breakfast.

“You can’t have a police operation where they’re not doing what they need to do, they’re being watched by criminals.”

Mr Lofeber said the tests would be conducted “in a controlled environment”.

“We’re using the most sophisticated technology we can to see if the technology works and if we can get this to work, we’ll do it,” he added.

He said he hoped the test program would prove successful.

“This is a major step forward for Australian police and law enforcement and we’re really proud of that,” he noted.

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